№ 4 (74), 2020

This issue of the magazine is prepared and published with the support of Trade firm SK, LLC (Russia); Industrial solutions, LLC (Russia); Rusbolt, LLC (Russia); Europartner, LLC (Russia); Himtex (Russia); TK OPM, LLC (Russia); PROTEC, LLC (Russia); Shanghai Fast-Fix Rivet Corp. (China); Rivit S.r.l. (Italy); Rost Group and Technology Co.,Ltd. (Taiwan).


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Contents Summary (English)


News from abroad

Sacma Group upgrades its warm forming product lines
The upgraded equipment of Sacma Group for warm forming is presented in the article. Information about its composition and capabilities is given.

RIV609: doubles productivity

Today is the time for making strategic decisions

What is hidden behind the concept of "reliability"?
Attention is drawn to the numerous shortcomings of the current GOST standards for threaded fasteners, due to which the design and production processes are stalled, the introduction of advanced technologies is complicated. The results of tests of bolted joints, demonstrating the poor-quality performance of the protective coating, are given.

Fasteners in Russia must be produced in accordance with GOST
An interview with Yu. A. Lavrinenko, Doctor of Technical Sciences, an expert of two technical committees of the International Organization for Standardization TK1 ISO "Threads" (ISO / TC 1 Screw threads) and TK2 ISO "Fasteners" (ISO / TC 2 Fasteners), is published here.

Development of methods for calculating and designing anchorage
One of the urgent tasks for designers of construction projects and engineering systems is the calculation of the bearing capacity of anchors. A number of applicable standards for the calculation and design of anchoring in concrete is presented. The calculation principle is shown. Tasks for the subsequent development of the regulatory framework are set.

Ceilings can fall. Few facts from the chronicle of falls

Why do ceilings fall…
The main reasons for the destruction of suspended ceilings are listed and disclosed. A set of measures to avoid such cases is proposed. Recommendations for the selection of suspended ceilings are given.

The market for non-critical fasteners exists. What's next?

The joy of childhood – let's do a good deed together

Construction of manual reporting to assess the effectiveness of advertising campaigns in the Internet
The topic of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns before sales, and not before achieving goals, is considered. The options for assessing the effectiveness of advertising before sales are given. The manual method of building reports in Excel is described in details.

Fasteners change the world. About nails
Historical examples of the use of nails are given. The important role of nails in the Roman Empire is shown. The connection between the transition to machine production of nails and the emergence of frame housing construction is indicated.

About joining technologies in the automotive industry

Development of railway transport and new materials
The use of adhesives in railway carriage building in the XX century is shown. It is told about adhesive structural joints in individual units and gluing of high-speed train cars. The prospects for the introduction of adhesive technologies are outlined.

Expanding the range of automotive adhesives: the history of bonding
A historical overview of the use of adhesives in the automotive industry is given. The advantages of adhesive joints are listed.

Association news

Standardization News

This beetle can inspire engineers on the development of new fasteners
One of the results of a versatile study of the wings of the beetle Phloeodes diabolicus, which has an increased endurance to mechanical stress, is presented. The principle of joining the wings of this insect is shown.

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Recommended methods of primary corrosion protection for fasteners

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