№ 4 (78), 2021

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News from abroad

Taiwan Metiz Alliance: how is TMA equipment different?

Ingramatic: RP620-RR12 – the new concept of the thread rolling machine

RIV606 and RIV616: doubling productivity, increasing your safety

Technical ways to reduce costs in the production of fasteners
Some options for reducing costs with the help of engineering solutions, that were actually used in fastening industries, are considered. Among them: the use of a better quality shaping tool, correct adjustment of equipment, an increase in the speed of machine equipment, the use of water-soluble cutting fluid instead of oil.

On the quality of anti-corrosion protection of high-strength fasteners with TDC coating
The tendency of high strength bolts to stress corrosion cracking limits their use for erection joints in steel building structures. Thermal diffusion zinc plating (TDZ) of high strength bolts increases their crack resistance. The test methods for high-strength fasteners, given in the regulatory documents, do not sufficiently characterize the behavior of high-strength bolts under stress during their operation in various corrosive environments. Accelerated corrosion testing of bolts is required for complete control. A recommendation for supplementing the standards is given. Frequent violations of technologies for applying TDZ coatings to fasteners are indicated.

About the new book by N. I. Sotskov

Hot dipped galvanized fasteners under the microscope
The influence of the galvanizing temperature on the structure and thickness of the fastener coating is presented. Technologically controlling the galvanizing process, it is possible to apply a layer of zinc coating with a given microstructure in the range from 30-90 microns, increasing the service life of the product.

Fasteners have a special status in the association
The editor-in-chief of the magazine asked his questions to the General Director of Prommetiz Association, V. Kamelin, related to the plans of the Association in the fastener segment for the next 2022.

It's time to make decisions
The interview with the director of the company "Parallel", A. N. Kurov, is given. He answered questions related to the situation in the Russian fastener market and its development.

About fasteners for safety facades
President of the Facade Union, Sergey Alekhin, spoke at one of the meetings of the club of fastener suppliers in 2021. He highlighted issues related to fasteners for hinged facade systems.

Competition for survival or creation?

About inoperative mounts, protection from fools and persons with disorientation

How do literate consumers come about?
Long-term companies need knowledgeable employees and clients. In the current situation, it seems that the best option can be described by the phrase "Growing literate consumers is the handiwork of producers". A vivid illustration of this is the activities of the KNAUF group of companies in Russia. There is an interview of the editor-in-chief of the magazine with the head of Krasnodar training center KNAUF Sergey Strikha.

5 myths about structural adhesives
This is a continuation of the article, which began in the previous issue of the magazine. One of the myths, discussed in this part of the article, is "The strongest adhesives are epoxy ones". Further the characteristics of different adhesives are considered. A breakdown of structural adhesives by product family is shown. Fifth myth: "I can only rely on myself when choosing an adhesive". The arguments for working with a specialist in adhesive technology are given here.

On the practice of manufacturing glued wood products in Russia
The characteristics of the woodworking market are given. The compulsory need for the supplier of adhesives to act as an external technologist and the expediency of conducting technical audits at enterprises are noted.

“LandCoolers” climate control systems must have reliable fasteners
An article by V. I. Gorynin, a specialist in fastening connections, is presented. His area of interest extends far beyond threaded fasteners. The author of the article is one of the developers of the presented innovative technology for climate regulation.

Updating standards for high-strength fasteners
Currently, a difficult situation has developed in the field of regulatory support for the production of high-strength fasteners. A number of key issues, that require the solution of the working group, formed to update the standards for high-strength fasteners for bridge structures, is given.

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