№ 4 (82), 2022

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News from abroad

Reliable self-tapping screws from Ulyanovsk
An interview with Yulia Kryuchkova, Director of the Ulyanovsk hardware plant, is presented.
Currently, the plant produces self-tapping screws for construction.

Modern methods of tool finishing
Finishing allows you to improve the surface quality of machine parts and achieve the specified accuracy, its results finally determine the characteristics of the product as a whole. The choice of finishing methods is determined by the physicochemical properties of the alloy, the configuration of the parts, the purpose and future conditions of its operation. In some cases, it may be necessary to carry out a whole complex of finishing metalworking operations.
The Ryazan Polytechnic Institute has developed a prototype equipment capable of using vortex cavitation for finishing parts. At the initiative of ZIV LLC (Ryazan), together with PTM LLC (Moscow) and the Ryazan Polytechnic Institute, it was decided to apply cavitation technologies forthe finishing processing of shaping tools (for the production of building fasteners). A die and a set of production thread rolling dies were taken as experimental samples.

Transformation of the Russian fastener production
The general historical picture of the development of the Russian fastener market is given in tabular form. In recent years, one can observe in Russia the emergence of new small initiative emerging industries that are taking steps forward, relying on their own accumulated experience, as well as on the experience and knowledge of their partners.

Business development: from trade to production
An interview with Nikolai Gonchar, Technical Director of the St. Petersburg company Traiv, has been posted. This year, Traiv trading company launched its own production site for the manufacture of non-standard fasteners.

The quality of the threaded connection. Case studies
An example from the practice of the Russian automakers is given. An error made on the assembly line when making a bracket-to-frame connection is shown.

Are you interested in the implementation of concealed fastenings of LVL structures?

Different pipes – different fasteners

Who is shaping the demand for reject?
A view on this issue of the appearance of defective fasteners on the market is presented. As an example, a lengthy threaded stud was chosen, which in Russia is often sold in violation of the standard metric thread.

About errors when choosing inch fasteners
For consumers of inch fasteners who are accustomed to the metric system, the inch system usually causes a lot of questions. The most common mistakes when choosing inch fasteners, are considered.

Looking through other editions

Parquet adhesives and adhesive primers
At the moment, there is a huge variety of floor coverings. Professionals and experts have determined that it is better to use different adhesives for each type of structure. It also depends on the base on which the parquet will be laid. For each situation, it is necessary to choose the optimal composition from the range that is on the market. Two main groups are described in the article: with a high strength index and with a high elasticity index (silane).

CKI calendar 2023 as a response to new challenges

Update of standards for test methods for mechanical anchors in concrete
Entry into force of SP 513.1325800.2022 “Anchor fastenings to concrete. Design Rules” required updating the existing standards for anchors: GOST R 56731–2015, GOST R 58768–2019, GOST R 58387–2019. The article provides an overview of the main changes and innovations in these standards.

Standardization news

Association news

Calendar of the foreign exhibitions

Wire fair – five successful exhibition days in Düsseldorf

Eisenwarenmesse – International Hardware Fair 2022 returned successfully

Calendar of the Russian exhibitions

MITEX 2022: what tool to work with?

Metal-Expo'2022 on a new background