№ 4 (86), 2023

This issue of the magazine is prepared and published with the support of GC CKI (Russia); Europartner, LLC (Russia); OPM, LLC (Russia); Industrial solutions, LLC (Russia); Rusbolt, LLC (Russia); AnticorTech, LLC (Russia); Himtex (Russia); VsV, LLC (Russia); Shanghai Fast-Fix Rivet Corp. (China); Rost Group and Technology Co.,Ltd. (Taiwan); Kinfast Hardware (Shenzhen), Ltd. (China).


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News from abroad

The fastener market is growing with new production
Information on presentations at the conference of the Russian club of fastener suppliers, held on November 8, is provided here. The priority presentations at the conference were reports from the fastener manufacturers. In the current situation, the companies Europartner, TechKrep, and PC Engineer are preparing to release new products and continue to increase production capacity. Some of the trading companies began to produce fasteners on their own sites.

Key trends in the fastener market
The dynamics of production of hardware details in the Russian Federation and the dynamics of import of fasteners are given. An analysis of the dynamics of the Russian fastener market, the volume of which is more than 550 thousand tons, shows that over 10 years it has more than doubled.

Nord-Lock has no analogues

Meet: the Russian production of anchors
A photo report is provided from an excursion to the production sites of the VsV company, which for the first time in Russia began to produce wedge anchors.

Optimization of thread geometry to improve connection strength
A systematic approach to increasing the strength and durability of fastening connections based on optimization of thread geometry is analyzed. It is shown that small-diameter threads with a standard main pitch and an increased level of defects are fasteners with a large pitch. Whereas large-diameter threads with a reduced level of defects are fasteners with a small pitch, which is much larger in absolute value. An optimization based on unification to bring the variety of thread geometry to a rational minimum for improving the performance of the fastening connection is proposed.
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Calculation of service life of metal structures. Choosing an anti-corrosion method protection. Review of regulatory and technical documentation
One of the main tasks when designing devices, structures and buildings is to ensure their performance during the required service life. In the article, the author answers the question: is it possible to calculate the service life of a product, knowing under what conditions it will be used by the consumer? Two factors are identified that influence the corrosion rate during operation.

20th Anniversary of the International Educational and Engineering Center “Modern technologies of cold forming on automatic machines” of BMSTU
The information and the main results of 20 years of activity of the International Educational and Engineering Center – Competence Center “Modern technologies of cold forming on automatic machines” of BMSTU are presented. Currently, one of the areas of scientific and technological activity of the Competence Center “Modern technologies of cold forming on automatic machines” are: increasing the efficiency of production of fasteners and complex-profile products from carbon and low-alloy steels with a specially prepared two-phase ferrite-martensitic structure; increasing the efficiency of production of fasteners and complex-profile products from carbon and low-alloy steels using preliminary low-temperature heating during cold forming.

From sales of tool to consumables production
An interview with the director of Grinding Technologies company Vladimir Akopyan is posted. Three years ago the company became a manufacturer of grinding materials for metalworking.

Steal or create – which business strategy do you choose?
One of the main questions that any company leader asks during the strategy development process is “Should we copy ideas or create your own?” The general director of the CKI group of companies, head of the strategic development department, Vyacheslav Tarasov answered questions related to the choice of strategy.

Effective anaerobic acrylic sealing gasket
Until now, domestic mechanical engineering has used AP Loctite-518 and its modifications. Due to sanctions and the departure of Henkel from the Russian market, the need for import substitution of this material has arose. In this regard, a new anaerobic sealing gasket Anatrem-508 was developed and studied. Its development was carried out taking into account the properties of the imported material Loctite-5182, which is a modified version of the AP brand Loctite-518 and intended for automatic application.

Effect of speed at dynamic shear on the strength of foamed acrylic tapes
The shear speed when testing adhesive materials affects the strength indicators. This also applies to peel tests for permanent tack tapes and shear and peel tests for adhesive joints. The purpose of the presented work is a practical study of the influence of shear speed on the results of the strength of foam tapes in the range of speeds available on a tensile testing machine. The influence of the types of bonded surfaces, the density of the foam tapes and their thickness was also studied.

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